Abstract Submission Instructions

  1. Abstract submission is handled through the TMS ProgramMaster system.  When you click the “SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT!” button, you will be redirected to the ICOMAT-2017 ProgramMaster system.
  2. Abstracts are limited to 150 words or less.
  3. Each submitting author is limited to submitting ONE (1) abstract.  Choose your Symposium carefully.  ***Multiple submissions will be rejected.***
  4. Indicate your preference for “Poster” Presentation or “Oral” Presentation.  ***Some Oral Presentations will be offered Poster presentations upon acceptance due to limited time and space.***
  5. Notification of Abstract acceptance will be sent to Authors January 2017.
  6. Abstract questions may be directed to icomat2017@northwestern.edu.

ICOMAT-2017 Topics

  1. Theory & Methods for Martensite Design
  2. Interactions of Phase Transformations and Plasticity
  3. Quenching and Partitioning of Martensite and Other Advancements in Steels
  4. Novel Shape Memory Alloys
  5. Novel Functional Behaviors: Beyond Shape Memory Effect & Superelasticity
  6. Martensitic Transformations in Non-Metallic Materials
  7. Size Effects in Martensitic Transformations
  8. Advanced Characterization of Martensite-3D & High Resolution
  9. Quasimartensitic Modulations
  10. Advanced Processing Techniques: Additive, Porous, and others
  11. Engineering Applications and Devices
  12. MSMnet: Magnetomechanics of Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys