Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can my organization become a sponsor?

Absolutely!  We are actively looking for sponsors of ICOMAT-2017.  Any amount will help reduce costs and enable more exciting events in downtown Chicago.  We especially hope to keep costs low for students and young scientists.

Are there benefits to the sponsoring organization?

Yes.  There will be multiple opportunities to advertise your organization’s logo and mission on the website, in the technical program and at the conference events.  Larger donations will also receive complimentary registration(s) to ensure that your organization will be represented at ICOMAT-2017.

Are there sponsorship deadlines?

No, we can accept donations anytime according to your schedule.  However, the earlier we receive your donations, the easier it will be for us to reduce costs and guarantee your organization has the appropriate image representation at ICOMAT-2017.

Steps to become a Sponsor:

  1. Review & Identify sponsorship commitment with your organization
  2. Contact us at our ICOMAT-2017 Email: We will follow-up with you and begin the process of receiving your donation.
  3. Review benefits of sponsorship and submit sponsorship.  We will also be ready to receive high quality media for display at ICOMAT-2017.