July 9 – 14, 2017

Chicago, IL


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Friday, July 7th

Saturday, July 8th

Sunday, July 9th

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Martensite by Design


The next ICOMAT meeting will be hosted by the Chicago-based CHiMaD Center for Hierarchical Materials Design in the metropolitan downtown Chicago. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of the Great Lakes Region of North America, the city of Chicago is truly an epitome of the “melting pot” reputation of the USA, evidenced by a diverse array of cultural, economic, and social experiences that draw tourism, science and technology, arts, and music to its streets year-round. The “Chicago School” represents a unique tradition of innovation across many fields, notably including materials, as the birthplace of Materials Science in the 1950s and Materials Design in the 1990s. With the US Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) in full swing by White House mandate, the next ICOMAT meeting will be organized around the central theme of “Martensite by Design.” Symposia will include design for microstructures, properties, advanced manufacturing, and performance.


Conference Chairs

Prof. Aaron Stebner, Colorado School of Mines

Prof. Greg Olson, Northwestern University

 Local Organizing Committee

Prof. L.C. Brinson, Northwestern University

Prof. D.C. Dunand, Northwestern University

Dr. E.B. Gulsoy, Northwestern University

Mr. P.H. Adler, Northwestern University

Dr. R.K. Komai, QuesTek Innovations LLC/Northwestern University

Prof. R.S. Elliott, University of Minnesota

Mr. C.A. Houser, QuesTek Innovations LLC


U.S. Steering Committee

Prof. P.M. Anderson, Ohio State University

Dr. O. Benafan, NASA Glenn Research Center

Prof. S.H. Daly, University of Michigan

Prof. E. De Moor, Colorado School of Mines

Prof. R.S. Elliott, University of Minnesota

Prof. R. F. Hamilton, Penn State University

Prof. R. D. James, University of Minnesota

Prof. I Karaman, Texas A&M

Prov. V.I. Levitas, Iowa State University

Prof. M.J. Mills, Ohio State University

Prof. P. Müllner, Boise State University

Dr. A.R. Pelton, G-Rau, Inc.

Dr. D.J. Rowenhorst, Naval Research Laboratory

Dr. A. Saxena, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Prof. H. Sehitoglu, University of Illinois

Prof. C.A. Schuh, MIT

Prof. R. Vaidyanathan, Central Florida

Prof. M.A. Zaeem, Missouri S&T



International Advisory Committee

Prof. E. Cesari (Spain)

Prof. G. Eggeler (Germany)

Prof. X. Jin (China)

Prof. R. Kainuma (Japan)

Prof. T. Kakeshita (Japan)

Prof. Y. Liu (Australia)

Prof. S. Miyazaki (Japan)

Prof. T.H. Nam (Korea)

Prof. G.B. Olson (USA)

Prof. E. Patoor (France)

Prof. A. Planes (Spain)

Prof. S. Prokoshkin (Russia)

Prof. E. Quandt (Germany)

Prof. J. San Juan (Spain)

Dr. A. Saxena (USA)

Prof. D. Schryvers (Belgium)

Prof. A. Stebner (USA)

Prof. K. Tsuzaki (Japan)


Honorary International Advisory Committee

Prof. M. Ahlers (Argentina)

Prof. H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia (United Kingdom)

Prof. D. Dunne (Australia)

Prof. D.V. Edmonds (United Kingdom)

Prof. E. Aeby-Gauthier (France)

Prof. J. Van Humbeeck (Belgium)

Prof. P.M. Kelly (Australia)

Prof. T. Ko (China)

Prof. Y. Koval (Ukraine)

Prof. G. Krauss (USA)

Prof. T. Maki (Japan)

Prof. M. Nishida (Japan)

Prof. K. Otsuka (Japan)

Prof. R.C. Pond (United Kingdom)